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Bloemfonteinstraat Residence

Available Rooms

20 m2

Our properties are for short stay living up to 12 months

NOTE: This property is a house consisting of 5 semi-studios. You will be sharing the kitchen with 4+ person. But no worries. Weekly cleaning is scheduled every week

You’ll get:

-Studio with own bathroom
-Communal areas: Kitchen, Garden.
-Frequent cleaning
-All-in Utilities

And much more!
Check out the added “Basic” service package for more benefits.


We require a 2-month security deposit and the first month’s rent prior to the commencement of your stay. Viewings are possible through a video call remotely.

Sometimes the photos may not accurately represent the actual reality as the property is yet to be converted into the Samesofa concept. In that case, you are lucky because you will be the first person to rent it. The photos displayed show the same furniture that will be placed after the conversion. The photos are very close to reality at the beginning of the rental.

The property
You’ll be sharing this house with 4 other friendly individuals, each with their own private bathroom. Bathrooms may be tiny, but they are efficiently designed, featuring a personal shower, toilet, and sink. As a collective, you’ll have access to shared facilities such as the kitchen, which is cleaned frequently and equipped with various high-end built-in appliances. A washer and dryer, bike storage, and even a little garden. Additionally, you’ll find ample storage space for your belongings.

In terms of location, this semi-studio is just a 6-minute bike ride from Tilburg’s bustling city centre, where you’ll discover an array of shops and lively pubs.

For students, the university is conveniently around 10 minutes away by bike. Don’t miss the chance to make this space your home!

Arrival in the Netherlands and check-in.
Arriving in a new country can be nerve-wracking, we understand this. That’s why you can take advantage of our pick-up service. If needed, we’ll pick you up from the Airport and assist with the check-in process right away. Making you feel welcome and safe is our goal. So no worries, we are here for you.

At the moment, this semi-studio is being rented out. Afterward, there will be a fresh-up, and it will be added to the Samesofa portfolio. After the fresh-up, it will look just like in the photos.



Shared Amenities

bike parking

dish washer








water heater


Service Package includes:


Basic Furniture

Basic Furniture

Simple living, best value. Embrace the essence of straightforward living with our Basic Package. At Samesofa, we believe in offering choices that fit your lifestyle and budget. With our Basic Package, you get exactly what you need without any frills or extras. It's all about enjoying life at the best price point. Why pay more when you can live affordably and comfortably?


Frequently communal areas

We ensure a pristine living space, because your comfort matters most to us. Frequently, we visit your home to clean the common areas. Depending on your package, we'll also take care of cleaning your personal space and perform thorough checks for any broken or malfunctioning items. Rest assured, our dedicated technical team is always at your service to promptly address and resolve any issues. Your peace of mind is our priority.


free access to community events


Flexible Stay up-to 6 months

Choose the duration that suits you!


Smooth Rental Procedure

We're all about making your life easy. We've streamlined the rental process into a few quick and simple steps. Just get in touch with us, and we'll gladly guide you through it. No stress. We've got your back.

Tech. Support

7d/w technical support

Your relaxation and quality of life in our residences are of utmost importance to us. That's why we offer round-the-clock, 7 days a week technical support. We're dedicated to ensuring you're never left in the lurch, taking swift action whenever you need us. Your well-being is our highest priority, and we're here to keep everything running smoothly for you.


smart TV


Pre-Booking Digital House Viewing

Step into tomorrow with our innovative pre-booking digital house viewing service. Click on any of the properties on this site, and you'll be amazed at how thoroughly you can explore your potential new home from the comfort of your own chair. This means that physical viewings are no longer necessary. It's convenience and forward-thinking at your fingertips. If you're interested, a FaceTime house viewing is always possible, provided that the apartment is not currently rented out.


lightning fast WIFI

Internet in Your Property: We provide internet speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s – superfast and incredibly reliable. In the rare event of any internet issues, our technical team is readily available for repairs or alternative solutions. Your comfort and convenience in your home are of great importance to us. Enjoy seamless connectivity with peace of mind. When arriving, activate directly your Prime video or Netflix account and start enjoying.

Fixed price ALL-IN! ❤



*2 months rent security deposit upfront


Available Furnished Rooms is this property:

No Room Available.

Meet Your Flatmate:

There is No Flatemate Yet.

When you contact us, please mention the property ID: 




Thank you for your pre-booking. Our customer service team will contact you as soon as possible via email or WhatsApp. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Please note: The confirmation email may end up in your spam folder.

Thank you for choosing Samesofa.

Kind regards,

Team Customer service

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This is the registration form to pre-book your private room in this shared living apartment. Upon submitting this form, we will promptly get in touch with you to coordinate everything.


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