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Your gateway to vibrant spaces for a comfortable short stay Eindhoven and Short Stay Tilburg. By embracing sharing facilities like a kitchen or washing facilities, you’ll enjoy a fantastic, luxurious space while splitting costs, saving up to 50% compared to solo furnished short stay apartment rentals or hotel rooms. This way of living is already commonplace in major cities like New York and Hong Kong and more. Our properties offer lots of amenities, including bedding, towels and all you need for a pleasant relaxed stay . At Samesofa, you’ll enjoy an active community where connections flourish. Connect with fellow residents, forge friendships, and create lasting memories, enriching your living experience. Experience the best of housing Tilburg and Eindhoven and expat housing Eindhoven and Tilburg with Samesofa exceptional  spaces designed for your comfort and convenience.

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We provide move-in ready studios, thoughtfully furnished with everything you need and more. Short Stay apartments and studios are a great way to solve your temporary housing need. 

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Samesofa is the student hub looking for affordable housing. Our apartments and studios are located near universities and city centre, and we offer a variety of amenities to make your stay comfortable and convenient.

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